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On duty since 1854...

Since March 2014 it is our goal to keep on with the traditions, spirit and history of the former ‘Mariannen Apotheke‘. This was the natural thing to do, because the origins of cocktailmaking began in a pharmacy. The rst of cial de nition of cocktail appeared in the Americanpublication ‘The Balance an Columbian Repository‘ from May 13. 1806. It is said that the inventor of cockatils was the Creolean pharmacist Antoine Amédée Peychaud. Also, one of the mostimportant German writers (whose rst job was apharmacist) has left his footprint here, remnants of which we still see to this day. Theodor Fontane lived and worked at Mariannenplatz from 1848-1849 as you can see mentioned on the sign at the house numbers 1-3.

Back to the roots of bar culture...

The originality an purity of a drin is for usalways the rst priority. We strive to deliver highquality, fresh ingredients as well as our own interpre- tations of old, traditional recipes - which will hold surprises for even the most experienced of bar visitors. A unique and special taste experience is guaranteed by our choice of hom emade ingredients, whose natural aromas give our drinks a more complexavour.

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